A global business club platform that unites successful and progressive Ukrainians from around the world.
A planetary ecosystem where 100 global cities and 3000 members unite to create one powerful entity. An organism that will give the opportunity to become a global player: to live, to create and act without limits.
Concept of membership
Active and ambitious people with a spotless reputation, desire to grow, unite and cooperate.
entrepreneurs, top managers, investors, startup founders
scientists, public figures, politicians, artists
The League was created to become an effective business platform for our members, where they can trust one another. A platform that will give unlimited possibilities and lay the groundwork for global-scale projects.
Our goal
Creates a boundless world of global perspectives and opportunities;

Allows our partners feel at homeamong like-minded people all over the world, wherever they are.

Provides theworldwide extensive support of each member interests whenever it's needed.

Re-enforces the status and personal standing of the club members in international projects and initiatives.

Promotes the development of traits and skills that are vital for a modern leader.
Global U-league for the members
Global U-league for the world and Ukraine
Being apart from politics, national borders, and nations, it has at the same time an active personal standing on the world scene. The League actively cooperates with international organizations, administrations, transnational corporations, and individuals.

One of the most important targets of the League is furthering interests and strengthening the influence of Ukrainians in the world.

Therefore, taking part in common projects is a must to become a member of the League. We execute the global-scale programs that change not only Ukraine but the whole world.

Another mission of the League is building rapport for the members, promoting synergy and creating the environment for comprehensive development.
The U-league's life
For this, the League introduces three levels of functioning:
joint projects coordinated and executed on a regular basis;

a closed social network with high-quality communication tools for the League members;

regular events of various types and size around the world;
We support each other anytime, anywhere and on any matters. This is the key principle and the true core value of our club.

The power of the community is in its integrity and gathering all opportunities and resources for each and every club member. This is essential to become Global U-League member.
Inside our community, we build business and relationships based on ethical principles and common interests. We always take into account different points of view and appreciate the help. Everyone has to be satisfied with cooperation.
We unite to change the world in a global and positive way. This is what makes our club unique and creates the basis of its mission and philosophy in general. The League is not only for us but more importantly for the world and there's no other way to become a member but to accept these principles and missions.
Core values
The world turned into a rather small place nowadays. Its elements are all connected as fragments of one super-organism. Being engaged in one global cooperation, we all depend on one another.
Synergy is a new paradigm of nowadays, that gives immense opportunities to those who connect to a global world. At the same time, it also brings great risks to those who stay apart.

A new world and the future
Lots of talented and successful Ukrainians live and develop nowadays all over the world.

The League is a perfect opportunity to create a powerful worldwide network based on incorporation.

Inside of it, we'll be able to cooperate, help each other and unite for great ideas and projects.

Tel: +38 (050) 463 27 62
E-mail: s_gaydaychuk@ceoclub.com.ua
Skype: Sergey Gaydaychuk
Founder CEO Club Ukraine
Co-founder Young Business Club
Project ideologist Global U-LEAGUE